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Hey, Ben here again...

and by now you know that if you want to run a highly successful online business today, you need to be using Wordpress for a significant advantage.

But, the big 'achilles heel' or flaw in Wordpress is that it's vulnerable to hacking attempts and one update, bad plugin, or line of code could cause it go down.

In other words...

Your online business is not 100% safe today and you need a solid backup plan in case your site goes down.

Server Crashes
User Errors
Deleted Files
Bad Commands
New Updates

...can all cause your Wordpress site and business to crash instantly.

Which leaves you with two options:

1. Hire a Team to Try and Find and Rewrite the Bad Files to Restore Your Site

Which costs in the hundreds, takes weeks to perform, and may not even lead to your site being restored correctly. Plus, if it is, you'd most likely lose a significant portion of your newer posts, images, updates, etc.

2. Start From Scratch All Over Again

Just start up a new blog and redo your business from scratch. Don't think it can happen to you? We've actually had to do this several times for many of my niche sites and millions of WP users have had to do the same.

But whats worse is..

...there's no serious, easy to use Wordpress backup, restore, move, or clone solution out there that can 100% guarantee your site will be restored regardless of how it went down.

Sure, there are cheap backup plugins scattered around the web and ways to backup just the data.

But, all these solutions won't backup and clone everything needed like plugins, configurations, content, etc.

And most can't keep up with the constant updates of Wordpress and technology.

Are you really going to trust your entire business (or your clients businesses) in the hands of some cheap or free plugin thats not even cloud-based (meaning that if your entire Wordpress actually goes down the plugin goes down too)?

Well, I know we've worked too hard on our business to
put it at such a big risk..

...which is why we've developed what is now the only 100% trusted solution to backup and entire cloner solution called WP Twin.

The first, and only, time-tested Wordpress backup, clone, restore, and move app guaranteed, no matter what situation happened or server you're using.

Watch how easy it is to backup, clone, restore, and move your sites AND make more profit with WP Twin:

Just some of the massive number of WP Twin Features include:

Runs on PC, Mac, iPad, Android, & more.

Don't settle for using a backup plugin that will go down along with your site! It doesn't matter what you use to backup, clone, and deploy your sites... as long as you have an internet connection you can do it.

Takes just seconds to use

Upload WP Twin to your site, go there, and click clone. Thats it... you're done! Download your clone file or if you want to restore later, just upload your WP Twin clone file and click deploy

Clones Anything & Everything

Everything you want on your WP site can be cloned. Posts, pages,comments, permalink, etc. Everything!

Works with all versions of Wordpress

Let's say you update to the latest version of WordPress and your blog breaks. What do you do? Well, if you cloned the older version - you can easily restore it. Doesn't matter what version you started or ended with.

Survived the Test of Time

While 98.7% of plugins and softwares die within a year of their launch,we have been constantly updating WP Twin with the latest technology so you can be assured it will work perfectly now, and forever.

The Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Weapon

Instead of going through the manual process of creating niche sites, imaging cloning successful sites for different longtail keywords with one click!

Perfect for Membership Sites

Doesn't matter if you use WishList Member, Optimize Press, or another membership site builder with 1 or 100 level. You can clone the entire thing for a new product with just one click!

Perfect for Sales Letters, Squeeze Pages, & OTO Pages...

Have a sales letter perfected for a certain product and now you're launching a new one? Just clone the sales letter & change the name and text instead of re-creating it from scratch and wasting thousands of dollars.

The perfect 'offline' sales tool

Want to sell to offline based stores? Set up a perfect dentist optimize WP page and sell it over & over again to different businesses with just a click.

Change hosts or domains on the fly

You can easily move your WP site to a new host or new domain in just a few clicks of a button.

Set and Forget Hands Free Backup

WP Twin comes with a 'set and forget' backup add-on that will backup your site on autopilot at any interval you like.

WP Twin Backs up your Entire Site Including:

All plugins and configurations
Pages & Posts & the content in them
Themes including inactive ones
All Comments
All Files
Media Library
WP Core

and it's so easy to use in only 4 steps.

Step.1 Upload the clone script to your WordPress site.
Step.2 Click a button to clone your Wordpress Site
Step.3 Download the clone to your computer & upload to any site to deploy it.
Step.4 Click to launch your clone on your new domain and marvel in delight at how easy it is!

Imagine the MONTHS of time this will save & extra profit you can make.

Want to rank your affiliate niche site for a different keyword?

Just clone it with one click and upload to a new domain.

Need to make a new membership site but don't want to start from scratch?

It doesn't matter what membership plugin or theme you used or the number of levels. Just clone it and upload with one click.

Don't want to recreate your sales letter and OTO pages for a new product?

Just clone them, change the text & buy buttons, and you're good to go.

No need to hire a developer or designer to have to recreate the entire thing from the ground up.

Want to sell to offline based clients and make an easy sale?

Set up a great looking niche site like a fully optimize site for local dentists & clone over & over for new clients with no extra work needed.

The possibility for extra WP profit are endless with WP Twin.

And this isn't some launch and gone product.

Wp Twin has been used by 10,000+ customers successfully and
used on over 1,000,000 domains and counting...

and has successfully cloned & deployed Wordpress sites

The most by far of any backup software ever created.

Why have we deployed more sites than any other backup tool?

Because WP Twin is the most updated and simply the most
effective cloning tool ever made.

Heres just what a few users have to say about WP Twin.

This is easy to use!

All I can say Finally! This is easy to use.

I have been putting of building my niche site because of the time involved getting the WP site set up

Now I have one main site with all the plugins setup I can create site lightning fast.

-- Kevin Cotter

What a safety net!

WP Twin is an incredible time saver! I really appreciate the simplicity of how easy it is to clone a WordPress site.

In the event my sites ever get hacked or have some other catastrophic failure, I can be up and running again, in a matter of minutes, without loosing a post or a comment! What a safety net!

-- Bob Lindner

handled all 4GB of my site with ease

was SIMPLE and actually fun. I was unsure how it would handle my site - it is large and has a lot of images.

WP Twin handled all 4GB of my site with ease. I was able to use it to move my site from one hosting provider to another.

Without this tool, I would have spent WAAAAAY too much time migrating on my own. I think that I was able to enjoy my weekend instead of have the headache.

-- Mike Poeschl

You can sleep soundly now, knowing that your business is 100% protected and will be forever in the future.

and you WON'T Cost you $150 Per Month

Other backup solutions that dont even have half the features
or cloud restore ability of WP Twin are charging $150 per
month for use.

And, if you leave this page and try to buy WP Twin somewhere
else, you'll notice that our normal fee is $297 because well...
this isn't some cheap garbage solution.

We have to charge a premium price to keep up with all the
updates to Wordpress and latest hosting technology to make
sure it works perfectly for our users.

But today, you can get access to WP Twin for a one-time only
investment that's far less than that, with no monthly contracts.

Yep, theres no monthly costs & it WONT cost hundreds of dollars.

Can you afford to risk your entire business in
an age where malware and hacking are the norm?

The Internet is crawling with malware and poor coded free
plugins that can instantly tank your site with just one install.

Not to mention hacking is out of control today with Wordpress
self-hosted sites being the number one target.

Could you really afford for your entire business to go down
overnight and have to start from scratch again?

Just think about how much effort it took to even get it up with
the theme installed, or how long it took just to write one good post?

Plus, You're protected by our "10 Minute"
100% Money Back Guarantee.

If within 10 minutes of using WP Twin, if you aren't floored by the results of how easy it is to backup and clone your site. Then we insist you contact support and well refund every penny. No questions asked.

Price Increases In:

Click the buy button right now to secure your massive one-time only discount. WP Twin will never be sold for this low a price again. Instead of paying $297... today you can get access for:

WP Twin No-Monthly-Fee Option
Unlimited Domain Use
Developers Rights


You want to know what's expensive?

You know that you're going to have to deploy another website
in the future, whether it's a sales page, another niche blog, an
offline type site for a client, etc.

So instead of wasting hours, weeks, or months creating sites
from the ground up with all the optimized plugins & themes,
why don't you save the precious time & money and just clone
them so they are fully optimized and ready to go?

And want to know what's REALLY expensive?

Try having to build your site or business from the ground up
after it went down.

Yes, Wordpress is awesome, but you know the risks it brings today.

All it takes is some hacker bot, bad line of code, poorly done,
free plugin or update to a theme to tank your site.

And it will take hours or even weeks to get it back up again... if you can get it up correctly anyway.

You don't want to put your entire business at risk do you?

Go ahead now, sleep easy tonight, and know that you and your
client's sites are now 100% secure.

Make sure to pick this up now before the price increases and
you'll have to pay the hundreds of dollars for the regular price
of WP Twin we normally charge customers.


Q: How many times can I clone a site and how many domains allowed?

A: Today, you'll get exclusive access to the ability to use on unlimited domains & ability to deploy unlimited sites.

Q: Can I come back later to this page and still get WP Twin for the discount?

A: No, once the timer expires the price will go back up to our usual $297 for WP Twin. It will still be around since this isn't a 'launch & gone' product... but the price will be WAY higher.