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WP Theme Ultima doesn't tell the entire story alone.
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WP Theme Ultima Diamond

Transform you or your clients business with just one click for any need at any time with the ultimate collection of the most powerful, highest converting themes possibly available today.

That means you'll get all the regular WP Theme Ultima
Wordpress themes on the front end, plus exclusive access to all
our coming unbelievable, high-converting themes like these:

Authority Pathway

See mock up

Authority Pathway is a theme for life coaches that is clean and simple but offers a lot of power for coaches to build an authority network. The true power of the theme comes with the homepage that leads the user through a psychological journey to build trust.

  • Beautiful, modern design.
  • Customize almost everything!
  • Authority Hero Content Display/CTA.
  • Customizable cards.
  • Dedicated CTA Get Started section.
  • Key benefits section
  • Content blog display on front page.


See mock up

The target market for Car Zone is people that review cars online. This theme is perfect for building an online collection of car reviews. The key benefit of this theme is that it allows users to easily subscribe to the author so he can collect names and emails for remarketing.

  • Designed to engage and convert.
  • Customize almost everything!
  • Feature highlights cards
  • Key benefits sections.
  • Content displays.

House Zone

See mock up

House Zone is an authority theme for house builder reviews and businesses. The target market is for people looking for reviews on houses and buildings. Comes with everything you need including ability for a reviewer to add a star rating to a property.

  • Stunning design.
  • Star Review System
  • Content Highlights Cards
  • Key Benefits Section
  • Latest Reviews display

Podcast Central

See mock up

Podcasts are skyrocketing in popularity and this is the best theme online today for podcasters. The clean layout, and solid lines give the theme a very sophisticated look while still offering a friendly touch. The benefit of this theme is that it shows the podcast listed easily for the viewers to find and listen.

  • Built for tons of engagement.
  • Customize almost everything!
  • Featured Podcasts
  • Latest Podcasts
  • About Us Feature


See mock up

Corporate is the perfect theme for corporations or offline businesses looking to build a presence on the Internet. Quickly and easily showcase products of the business on their website and more!

  • Unique Hero Content Display/CTA.
  • Unique Featured Product Carousel
  • Fully customizable slider section.
  • Product features sections.
  • Organization/People gallery./span>
  • "Testimonial section & newsletter signup


See mock up

Health websites and podcasts are skyrocketing in number today, and now you can cash in big time with this theme! This is designed for health related sites as the images and bright color represent vitality and growth. The key benefit of this theme is that the author can easily share their podcasts and build an online presence.

  • Beautiful, modern design
  • Customize almost everything!
  • Unique Hero Content Display/CTA.
  • Content Highlights Cards
  • Podcast Listings/Search

Building Journal

See mock up

This is far more than just a 'theme'. On the homepage there is a selector for searching through buildings. The user can search by construction type, property size or age of property. When the search button it clicked it brings the user to a new page with those results.

  • Stunning design and built to convert.
  • Strong call to action buttons.
  • Customize almost everything!
  • Unique Hero Content Display/CTA.
  • Building search functionality.
  • Property gallery display.


See mock up

Phototainment is the sport entertainment journal the builds all the hype. It's for anyone that wants to start a blog for sports related events and games. The simple large imagery is great for photography.

  • Unique and engaging design.
  • Customize almost everything!
  • Content Image Displays
  • Content Highlights


See mock up

An elegant theme for showcasing products. The theme is light and airy, perfect for boating / outdoors products. The key benefit of this theme are the large images to showcase products.

  • Gorgeous and designed to reduce bounce rate.
  • Customize almost everything!
  • Product and/or Image Displays

Project Builder

See mock up

Project builder is a Wordpress theme built for construction companies, realtors, property owners, etc that want to showcase their properties online in a portfolio. This theme comes packed with a beautiful photo gallery to display all your amazing properties!

  • Modern, stylish design.
  • Strong call to action buttons.
  • Customize almost everything!
  • Property Data Displays
  • Unique How It Works display
  • Image/Property Gallery
  • Testimonials section


See mock up

Bravo is a restaurant theme built to add custom menus right for the Wordpress dashboard. It's meant for anyone that owns a restaurant or food service that wants to show their food and menu online.

  • Customize almost everything!
  • Unique Hero Content Display/CTA
  • Menu displays! Home & Full Dedicated Page.
  • About Us/ Map
  • Locations.

Style Guide

See mock up

Style Guide, the theme for fashion designers and style minded people. The key benefit of this theme is that it is built as a visual gallery. Users can easily view and traverse between images quickly.

  • Beautiful, modern design.
  • Strong call to action buttons.
  • Customize almost everything!
  • Unique Photo Displays

With WP Theme Ultima Diamond
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    We're looking to develop themes marketers really need, and you'll get to skip ahead of the line to submit requests for what you specifically want developed. While we cannot make any promises we will get it done, we can tell you our team is hungry for more ideas!

  • Bonus 5000+ Stock Images

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Bonus #1: WP Product Review
Developers Rights

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Bonus #2: WP Speed Booster Developers Rights

The latest features & technology needed to boost the speed
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This does everything from moving scripts, to lazy loading
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Bonus #3: Wordpress Profit Console

Learn secrets to make you profit even more from Wordpress

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WP Theme Ultima Diamond


Q: How many themes do I get and when?

A: You'll get all the themes shown above with agency rights over the course of the next 12 months. Whenever a theme is ready to go, it will be placed in your members area for you to download.

Q: Is there any support for these themes?

A: Yes, you'll get 12 months of support and updates for no cost which starts as soon as each theme is made available. After 12 months there will an option to continue to get all the updates and support. Each theme also comes with detailed tutorials on how to set it up quickly like the pictures.

Q: Can I think about it and come back later?

A: Unfortunately, we're only looking for a small handful of the first WP Theme Ultima buyers as we don't want these themes to get out there too much before they are live in our marketplace for a premium price. So chances are if you come back, the price will either be higher or most likely the offer won't be available anymore. This is your only chance to get all these themes, bonuses, and special access discount.

No thanks, I don't want WP Theme Ultima Diamond... take me to my order.

Every effort has been made to accurately represent our product and it's potential. Any claims made of actual earnings or examples of actual results can be verified upon request. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, and don't apply to the average purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual's success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is aninherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money.