Watch to see the fastest way to profit from information
products from an 8 figure expert... even if you have no
expertise, connections, or haven't made a dime online.
What's the key thing all the biggest marketers online who started from total scratch have in common?
I'm talking about the biggest guys like:
Brenden Burchard
Eben Pagan
Frank Kern
Jay Abraham
Ryan Deiss

...including myself & the Rapid Crush guys... Jason Fladlien, & Wilson Mattos.

Ben Murray
Jason Fladlien
Wil Mattos
We made 7-8 figures extremely fast all doing the same thing:
starting our business by creating and
leveraging information products
in a strategic
way with little or no capital bring in tons of money and scale fast.

And just a few years later surpassed 15 million dollars in sales thanks to info product

with hundreds of thousands coming in on auto-pilot per month...

In fact, there's no one better who understands how to research, create, and leverage information products better than Jason Fladlien himself.

See, Jason started his online career living in an apartment making only $12/hour painting houses with no real 'expertise' or value he could sell.

and millions just sitting in his Rapid Crush business account with his partner Wil.

And in tons of different niches from products ranging from a few bucks, to thousands of dollars.

Jason has made over 20 million dollars worth of info products (more than any other guru out there today)…from 500+ information products.

But more importantly, he's helped students in private make millions leveraging information products too like these marketers:

So, the question is…

what is it that Jason & these experts did differently than everyone else in the info product space that lead to such massive results...?

...even though they, too, started from scratch with zero knowledge or money like everyone else?

Well, I can tell you it certainly isn't what's being peddled in other 'info product creation' courses sold publicly online or in forums.

Jason uses a systematic, step-by-step blueprint that literally guarantees that the product will be high-end (even if he started with no knowledge in a certain industry)

and that the traffic will be 'built in' on day one, meaning that when it goes live buyers will come to HIM to buy it...

...while as 99.9% of other info products require the creator to beg, plead, and scrape what traffic they can.

Plus, in some cases:

Jason doesn't even need to put in the hours of work needed to create the product in the first place

...contrary to every other 'info product success' method published out there.

Yep, there TONS of different ways to leverage info products for a 6 figure business other than creating it from scratch yourself that aren't being told to you like:

  • Selling already created info products for a commission
  • Modifying and relaunching an already existing course that people will desperately buy
  • Finding & leveraging the expertise from other people for your course
  • Launching someone else's already unique & finished course for them
  • Drip feeding information for hands-free continuity programs
  • Using information products to just drive target traffic for no cost
  • and far more.

And if you do want to go the route of creating your own flagship information product from scratch...

It DOESN'T have to take months to produce a product that delivers incredible value that customers will pay a premium price for and love.

And the best part?
Jason has put his best tactics, strategies, blueprints, and ideas of his life work of researching, creating, selling, and leveraging information products into a premium level course.

This high-end course will clearly show you how to profit from information products, too….

regardless if you have no 'expertise' or information to share', no connections to influencers, you've never done market research, or you've never been able to drive a single visitor to your site.

It's all outlined in a premium training called:

and it's the most detailed, specific, refined, and optimized step-by-step training and instruction to create the most valuable types of information products quickly today.

With Product eClass Ultima, you're not just getting a bunch of knowledge… but a strategic, step-by-step copy/paste blueprint you can use to make a killing from building and leverage information products in just weeks...

...from a true expert who's sold over 20 million dollars worth of info products in different niches and price points.

Plus, you're getting the assets you can leverage to generate immediate income with minimum effort so you can easily justify your investments and time.

This isn't just another 'info product'...

but a full-proof system backing you, so that way, as long as you make even the faintest sincere effort to try the system…

you'll be guaranteed actual money in your pocket.

No matter what.

With Product eClass Ultima You're Going to Learn Information and Traffic Driving Product Secrets Like:
  • How to create info products with 'built-in' traffic from day one that makes potential buyers seek out your product.
  • The fastest way to create an info product yourself on a subject you know nothing about in one day that will provide massive value. Jason's created 500+ info products... so we have this perfected.
  • How to find & leverage knowledge from experts for a 6 figure business… even if you have no connections.
  • Jason's blueprint to entering any niche, and immediately finding a 'burning desire or pain' that needs solved all of the other info products missed.
  • Our 3 secrets to launching an already existing info product in a way new customers will love and pay dearly for
  • How to position an information product to sell for $2,500 when it normally could only sell for $250
  • We hold the record for the biggest affiliate promo of all time… and we'll show you the ultimate secret to getting giant affiliates on board even if you're brand new to your niche.
  • The tools, tips, and tricks to actually creating the information product so it looks high-quality and better than everyone else's in your industry.
  • How to create a continuity information business that pays you month after month on total autopilot
  • Our 8 figure 'mindset' techniques that turn 'hope and wonder' into guaranteed success.
  • 12 Crucial tactics we do to our information products that immediately set them apart from the hundreds of 'me too' people in our industry that you can use too
  • How to funnel the research or knowledge you already have… and systemically break it down into a course people benefit and learn from so much they can't help but refer it to other
  • 8 figure level copywriting skills to help positions and actually sell the product you can essentially 'copy and paste' to your business
  • We've launched info products that continue to significantly pay us 8 years after the launch without touching them. We'll show you how to reap passive income from a product far after the initial launch.
  • Our exact market research strategy to extract truly valuable information to create your product and help build one that solves real, pressing problems in any niche.
  • Our formula for making the product FAST (but accurate). So you're not bogged down for months trying to creating the product with no money coming in.
  • How to solidify your info product will continue to be viewed as the most valuable in your marketplace, regardless of competition or copycats for years
  • How to get other expert marketers to launch your product FOR you, while you sit back, relax, and watch your bank account grow.
  • And so much more.
With tons of detailed videos... all combined into
8 main modules including:
Intro Module: Inevitable Success

You'll want to dive into this module right away. We focus on immediately setting the proper expectations for success, get you familiar with what you need to know from a "technical perspective"... and most importantly, we install a powerful, success oriented mindset.

See, here's the secret: having seen hundreds of people successfully grow and profit from their information product businesses, starting with Product eClass, I've noticed patterns. Specifically, the commonalities on how these successful people look at creating and marketing info products.

Now, we don't have to hope and wonder if you'll have that type of mindset. We'll install it, right from the start so you can be more successful than ever, and do it more easily than you could ever imagine!

Note: This module is available instantly after purchase.
Module 01: The New 1, 1, 1 Formula!

The easiest way to immediately make Product eClass profitable is within this first module. Why?

It's where I show you how you can take a concept you previously had no knowledge of... and in one sitting, create an info product on that subject that has a "traffic and conversion" element built into it. This powerful secret approach to product creation.

Note: This module is available instantly after purchase.
Module 02:
The Expert Knowledge Of Others

High quality, life changing content... is actually easy to manifest. You don't even have to know it yourself... you can bring it out of others.

See, the world is littered with millions of individuals who have knowledge they can communicate immediately that people would love to pay for.

These experts also have a weakness... they have no idea how to organize, communicate, and put that knowledge into a product people would easily and eagerly purchase. You will have that knowledge when you go through this module.

It's the easiest way I've seen customers build six-figure businesses in less than 6 months.

Note: This module is available 1 week after purchase.
Module 03: The New 1, 1, 1 Formula!

This has a double benefit for you -first, you can either take someone's existing content and "republish it" in a way they will love you for... and you'll be well compensated for it, too.

In addition to that - if you're starting out and you're the person who has the unique and powerful knowledge... that under the right circumstances... people would love to pay for... here's a way you can tap into businesses that already have the customers you'd like to reach - and you share the profits.

Why is this powerful? What's better... 10% of a million dollars or 100% of a hundred dollars? Exactly!

Note: This module is available 2 weeks after purchase.
Module 04:
Product Pitching Secrets

The products we specialize in creating within the first 3 modules don't require you to even have the first clue about copywriting or how to sell to be profitable with them!

Eventually though, it makes sense for you to discover the most powerful techniques to super charge conversions and make even more money than you were previously making. That's what you'll discover in this module... proprietary tricks we have used to build an 8-figure per year information business empire!

Note: This module is available 3 weeks after purchase.
Module 05:
Unlimited Traffic To Your Info Products

Every previous module has a specific traffic mechanism built into the product creation... and that's great to get to six figures.

If you want to go to high six figures, seven figures, and beyond - then you need additional traffic leverage. Here is where you'll get it.

See, the easiest way you can ever get traffic is to have information products... especially the way I teach you to create them. You will laugh at others who say it's hard to generate traffic because you will have all the advantages that they only wish they could have once you complete this module!

Note: This module is available 4 weeks after purchase.
Module 06: Flagship Products

How do you build courses that you can retail for $499, $999, $1999 or even more? That's what you'll discover in this module. Believe it or not, there are only slight adjustments you need to make from what you've learned in the previous modules to make this work for you.

You need, sooner or later, a premium version of whatever you sell if you want to maximize value you can offer to your clients... and also maximize your profits.

Having sold products for up to $25,000... and having negotiated million-dollar contracts that include flagship products... I have the secrets that empower you to most effectively build your very own flagship products.

Note: This module is available 5 weeks after purchase.
Module 07: Affiliate Product Creation

LLittle known fact - Rapid Crush, Inc. holds the record for the biggest affiliate promotion of all time. The only way that happened was because we discovered a product creation breakthrough that we applied specifically to affiliate promotions.

If you understand this... you'll discover that over half the time, you'll make money creating info products to use during affiliates promotions.

Sadly, most people will never know this - much less have the exact process to get results like you'll be able to do after you complete this module.

Note: This module is available 6 weeks after purchase.
Module 08:
Low Touch, No Touch Continuity

If you're making any amount of money online and don't have a continuity program in place, you're losing so much money it's almost offensive.

I'll show you in this module how you can take any leverage, any sales, any action you produce from the previous modules... and
magnify it!

At any given time we have 7 to 9 continuity programs running - most of them I haven't even thought of in years, yet they produce money month in and month out. Now you can do the same! Plus more.

Note: This module is available 7 weeks after purchase.
Look, there's absolutely NO reason why you can't electrify thousands and thousands of individuals...

...niche after niche, and market after market.

Jason started from complete scratch, no money and no ideas… so you can do it too.

You just need the right strategy and full picture finally from someone who's really done it… and did it the best out of anyone out there today.

Plus, Jason's not the only one who's already
benefitted from these techniques and

Product eClass Ultima has only sold in private for a very high-ticket 4 figure price and actually has a waiting list of people eagerly awaiting the next opening.

With the first round of buyers saying things like this:

"I have never seen a more in-depth, detailed, well thought out and consumable outline in my life. I am consistently impressed with Jason's knowledge of information products. He knows how to create them, lay them out and sell them better than anyone in the industry. If I have a question related to my information product business (and I sell several million dollars worth of information each year) Jason is the first person I turn to for advice."

Ezra Firestone

Nice. So you immediately hit it right after session one; right?

Yeah, yeah. I had two product sales, the one I created,, which I know exactly why it was shaky and why it didn't work, and then another one that I wrote down that wa something I aligned with more, but I put it off. It was that second product that just totally blew everything out of the water. Just the sales compounded over the course of a week. I remember I was travelling at the time. I had just launched my product. I was trying to get Wi-Fi as often as I could so I could refresh my e-mails and see these little PayPal things. I had made $4,000 that first 24 hours without even being around to do anything. So that was absolutley awesome. To me, that was like hitting a grand slam right out of the gate.

"With my last $340 of credit on my credit card [invested] with Jason to ask him for a plan to help me generate $2000 in 30 days. 5 weeks later I launched my very first information product and generated $2,400. Within 3 months this product generated me a total of $12,000.

I launched my second product... This one sold over 650+ units generating over $5,000 in 7 days."

Kieran Mcdonogh


"meeting" you (through product eclass) last year really opened new perspectives for me. Some magic happened that made things easier, faster, smoothier.

I'm grateful I took that decision at a time where money was an issue and every penny of it was precious. I'm thankful for you double your money back guarantee that made me jump ship and join and I've way more than doubled my investment. If you recall, one email sent during the program mae me 5000£ and a licensing deal for 2000£ (which I received earlier this week) more each year for no more work.

Anael Verdier

Right after the webinar 58 minutes of pure unadulterated Product Creation Secrets, I got pumped up and wanted to finish a product BEFORE the class even started.

I already had the idea of what I wanted to do as for as long as 2-3 months but never got around to doing it.

Now mind you, this isn't my first product, but this is the fastest I've ever done

Spend 8 hours overall including setting up a download page and edited the salses copy (Jason's template).

Here comes the Magic:

The copy converted at 19% the first day, within a few hours made 33 sales and it was set at only $7 for the fist 10, $3 increments at every 10 sales.

... The following 24 hours I made over 200 sales at $19 a pop, the copy continued to convert and at the end of around 24 hours I had 272 sales, and over $4500 in sales.


Hi Jason,

I have to say that Product EClass is one of the best online classes I've ever been a part of and I've been involved in plenty of classes.

I was always afraid to make a product and didn't sell or sucked and that was what was holding me back from making more than 1 product.

My goal at the end of the course was to create 3 products and 1 interview product. Since then I've create 4 products working on the interview product, rredid my first product, did a webinar and am now currently doing a 6 week training class with me and a friend of mine.

Since I've been in "product making hyperdrive" my friend and I attended an affiliate marketing meetup in Los Angeles and pitched our product to them. I did a presentation about the 6 week course we created and we landed $1000 in sales last night! So within 7 days we've done $1400 in sales!

Thanks for inspiring me Jason!

David James Ostiguy

After [Product eClass] I immediately set about putting what I'd learnt into action and by 2013 I'd cleared over $150k in profit through my business ventures based on what I'd leearnt. Since then I've continued as a product creator in various niches and continued to see the profits accrue.

2015 was my best year yet and from my projections 2016 is on course to see yet another increase. I attribute these successes to being a member of Product eClass and that's why when Jason announced Ultima, I was signed up within seconds.

People use the term 'no-brainer' way too willingly these days, but that's exactly what Product eClass is/was/always will be for me.

Paul Hollins, Jan 2016

Product eClass was my catalyst to financial independence. The program is comprehensive, yet precise and easy to learn. All I had to do was to implement.

Jason's teaching style makes it very easy to develop the checklists and to take that next step of implementation. Jason and his team consistently over deliver and their support desk is the best in the world. Support is always responsive, helpful and professional and helps to make Product eClass worth every penny!

Product eClass 2.0 was so good that I have reinvested in the next generation product,, Ultima knowing it will be astoundingly fantastic. Jason never disappoints. Does not matter where in your business journey you are,

Product eClass is an essential part of your curriculum.

Dr. Mandy Kendall

plus tons more.

And if that wasn't enough, you're getting these insanely high value bonuses including:
Bonus 1. Product Case Studies

Having sold over $40,000,000 worth of info products, We have seen some things. We'll will break down to you, exactly from inception to completion, several different real world examples of product creation, including...
"Pay me first, product will come later" case study
"Interview Me" to immediate profits case study
"The Modified PLR" case study
The "high ticket $2,000" case study
And more!

Bonus 2. Member Pod

Every product you sell should have a membership site attached to it, that the customer gets access to after they complete their purchase.

The better this is laid out, the happier you'll make the customer... and also the more money you can make. There is no easier way to make this happen than with our exclusive Wordpress Theme, Member Pod!

Key features include:

Full customization options - with point-and-click options to make your members area look pro!

Modules & Lessons - this allows you to easily and intelligently put your paid content in an organized fashion that makes it easier for your customers to consume and benefit from!

Control Release Dates! If you want to make content only available at a certain time - now you can!

Responsive design so it looks nice on any device no matter how big or small the screen is!

Child theme included to have even more advanced control if you wish!

Bonus 3. Fill in the blank (almost) everything!

Sales letters. Upsells. Video presentations. Emails. All this and more can be made in a "fill in the blanks style"... so you can super easily modify my best, tried and true marketing and content creation templates for your own benefit!

Almost everything we do to run our businesses has been systematized... and runs off templates that, for the most part, can be used over and over again for any situation, in any market, for any product.

Now, at last, We'll will share them with you!

Bonus 4. Product Launch Theme

Squeeze page? Check. Sales page? Check. Social integration? Check. The ability for you to schedule and release content over a product launch period? Of course!

If you studied every product launch that was successful... you'd notice a pattern. Naturally, knowing how to create the

content is important, and we cover that in Product eClass.

However, you need a website that behaves in certain ways throughout the launch.

We have made that push button for you!

Bonus 5. Mystery Software!

We broke out our checkbook and negotiated hard to score this software for you. We pay for an exclusive distribution for each and every Product eClass member - this software is so powerful it's worth it for us to get this to you as a free bonus!

As of now, we are not disclosing what this software is because of the agreement with the vendor we licensed this from.

It must be kept quiet to the public because many people have paid a lot of money for this powerful software - which you get for free as a Product eClass Ultima member!

Plus Resell Rights to 3 Exclusive Softwares!

The only people who have the rights to sell these three info products that Jason Fladlien has personally created is Jason and Product eClass Ultima members only!

These are brand new products Jason created just for Product eClass Ultima customers. And it's more than a product. You get a powerful sales letter to use to sell these products as well!

Past reseller rights products have generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales - they are super high quality products and you'll love even if you just go through them for your personal gain... but you can also sell them and keep 100% of the profits you generate from them!

But you need to act now.

Like I said, this course was offered as a very high-ticket item to a few buyers only and is actually now closed with a long waiting list.

The highest ticket product Jason ever sold was $25,000 which has a long waiting list for that.
He's had people come to two day info master minds for $12,900 and sold thousands of units of products with $4997 price tags.

And today, $1995.95 would more than a fair price for the quality of systems, knowledge, and trainings you'll be getting.

In fact, it'd be worth every penny as long as you actually sit in a chair, watch the videos, then do the action steps.

It will be something you'll be able to use for your ENTIRE business the rest of your financial endeavors…

and really awaken in you an ability to leave this world better than it was before.

However, you won't have to pay
anywhere NEAR $1995.00 for exclusive access today only.

In fact you won't have to pay $999.95 or even $599.95 or even $299.95. For today only, we're opening up Product eCall Ultima exclusively for the serious buyers of our WP Theme Ultima offer to reward them for a smart investment.

Today only, you can get a massive (and I mean massive) discount and get access to the entire Product Eclass Ultima Training System for the very low price below:

60 Day Guarantee: If this isn't by far the best information product training you've gone through, we insist you contact our support desk and we'll refund every penny, no questions asked.
Product eClass Ultima Full Access
And like I said, this discount is for today ONLY.

Meaning if you wait and come back later, you won't be able to get access to Product eClass Ultima.
No, it won't be here only for a higher price, it will be gone entirely and you'll have to wait in line like everyone else for your chance to get in.
So go ahead right now, skip ahead of the line and get mega discounted access to Product eClass Ultima today only.

PS. Look, I understand there's been other 'info product' courses out there and if you got one and didn't have great success... it's not your fault.

Like I said, Jason has done 20 Million dollars worth of information projects and created over 500 prodcuts. So he has better strategies tactics, methods, etc then everyone else there.
Most of the info products available for the public under 4 figures are just old, rehashed methods that sort of work.

Never before has a marketer with Jason's level of success with info products given exclusive access to a training of this level for under 4-5 figures.

And you don't need any creativity, ideas, knowledge, or even know how to drive traffic!

Product eClass Ultima is going to take you from the ground up, hold your hand, and walk you through the process of leveraging and creating info products you can make 6 figures from.

All you have to do is sit in a chair, make yourself watch the videos, then follow the action steps Jason tells you.

It can't get any easier than this... and there will never be another opportunity this big that ANYONE can profit from within weeks.

No thanks, I'll pass on this opportunity on the fastest way to 6 figures from the very
best info product creator out there and will pay 4-5 figure price for this type of
access again... take me to my membership.