You're getting ripped off with overpriced, unsupported WordPress themes that can't deliver the traffic, subscribers and sales you deserve!


Watch the video to see why your Wordpress theme is killing your business and how to double traffic and sales in a few clicks in the next few minutes:
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Are you tired of...

Visitors that don't take action – and leave your website within seconds... despite that fancy plugin or software you installed?
Broken themes with no support – that leave you screwing with code or asking for a refund that you got from a marketplace with no support?
No options for serious marketers?With only 'blogging' type themes to choose from that all rip-off each other?
Slow-loading websites – that kill your chances of getting ranked in Google or making a sale?
Buying expensive plugins – just to make the theme you bought work properly?

So are we!

Ben Murray here... along Jason Fladlien and Wilson Mattos of Rapid Crush, Inc...

and we're sick of what's been happening in the Wordpress Theme development and buying experience.

See, we've been a part of the biggest launches, affiliate promotions, and marketing campaigns in the history of the Internet...

No joke. Our affiliate promotions do in the millions of dollars this one that did $9.7 million in 8 Days:

& we've had millions sitting

in our PayPal account from our own products & sites like this:

In fact, we've sold more than 20 million dollars of products per year online and know what it takes to have a high converting website that helps us 'suck in' traffic... pretty much more than anyone else running a fully online business. We're telling you this not to brag, but just to show you we know what works today...

And we can say for certain that the entire Wordpress theme designing, developing, and selling industry is 100% broken.

3rd party theme sites like Themeforest have taken over the WP theme buying experience and it's costing everyone big-time, including us.


Just a few reasons include:
Lack of real support and updates 99% of marketplace style theme developers are the creator, designer, and support staff all-in-one... leading to issues like poor support, no tutorials to make the theme like the demo sites, themes that stop getting updates, etc.
Themes that aren't built to convert. Themes are supposed to help market your business, but 99% of them are designed by graphic designers, not REAL marketers, so they look 'pretty' but don't really convert, help drive traffic, or make money.
'Cookie cutter' designs. Developers on 3rd party sites work for several companies & 'copy and paste' parts of one theme to another, leading to themes that all kinda look the same.
Unneeded features that waste time - 3rd Party developers/designers are after the quick sale… meaning they overload the themes with 600+ features you have to sort through & figure out just so they can make their description seem better and make a quick buck.
Tons of useless 'blogging' themes - There's not really a lot of premium choices for serious marketers like product launch themes, membership themes, etc. just a bunch of blogging ones that all rip off each other.
Plus, the very few that do have in-house developers & claim to offer unique themes really just offer one theme w/ a bunch of 'child themes' that essentially just change the color of it and 1-2 content elements.

And I could go on and on...

So, due to the staggering amount of money we and our clients were losing...

we've decided to turn the Wordpress Theme Industry on it's head forever.

The Rapid Crush team has invested 7 figures into creating a new type of premium Wordpress marketplace with new themes designed and made 'in-house' that solves all these huge issues.

And to get real social proof and honest reviews of users really 5-10xing their business with our themes when the marketplace launches...

we're offering a collection of 16 of our best themes as a 'grand opening' special with full support and updates for a one-time, super discounted, no-monthly-fee price called:

WP Theme Ultima
16 fully-supported, never-sold WordPress themes that give your website the marketing firepower it deserves

Based on the world's most successful websites...

and loaded with everything you need to boost your SEO rankings, reduce bounce rate, build your list, and sell like crazy.…

Designed by top marketers...

who've spent thousands of dollars and over 7 years figuring out the psychological secrets to high-converting web design.

Built for SEO and conversions (not web design awards)

and guaranteed to get you more traffic, subscribers and sales starting tonight!

Easy to customize...

no coding skills required

Fast loading...

for better SEO rankings and lower bounce rates

Fully supported...

with our 61 minute average rapid response support and regular free updates, your website will always work how it's supposed to

We've got a theme for every type of business and major marketing need, including yours like


See Demo

A full 'Jeff Walker' style product launch theme with optin forms and series of prelaunch videos! Create and manage your own product launch like the gurus do now.

  • A complete video launch system in a few clicks. Use the proven 4 step video system (with video thumbnails/titles displayed in the header and sidebars), dedicated launch page with the unique Launchimizer feature (end promo control, sequence control, # of videos and more...)
  • Unique squeeze page template that lets you easily add an autoresponder, custom content and more... PLUS create unlimited pages for split testing, different versions of the product and more!
  • Compelling call to action areas show your visitors exactly what to do next and eliminate confusion
  • Sales page that lets you drop the videos in the content - plus a cart section at the bottom of the page (you also get our proven add to cart buttons that boost conversions further!) - and, of course, you also get to create unlimited salespages for split testing, multiple price points, etc
  • Great social integration Facebook comments, Like/Share buttons and more... it's a proven conversions booster over the regular WP comment system!
  • And More!


See Demo

Create killer membership sites and deliver modules & lessons to the customer! ...

  • Gorgeous membership layout - Any customer that sells products and needs a members area to deliver content all at once or over a period of time will LOVE this theme.
  • Works for all types of products - We have designed a beautiful members area that can be used to deliver any kind of content or simply used to deliver product downloads.
  • Quickly create everything you need for customers - Now you can easily and quickly create membership modules, download areas, bonus sections, and more that look high-end!.
  • Works with your favorite membership softwares don't settle for 'cookie cutter' low-authority membership sites now. This design with any great with membership plugin, like WishList Member and more, with the flexibility of a great design!

Niche Authority

See Demo

Dominate your niche with a clean, professional theme that's based on thousands of successful niche websites.

  • Unmissable optin boxes turn more visitors into subscribers
  • Attention grabbing images – draw people into your content, offers and affiliate links
  • Clean layout – reduces bounce rate and keeps people focused on your content
  • Social media widgets – help build your tribe
  • And tons more!

eBook Collection Optin

See Demo

eBook Collection is a new type of theme that allows users to create digital eBooks without having to hire a designer to create a PDF. It can also be used as a modern lead capture form to capture warm leads who want to go through your eBook or giveaway content!

  • The digital eBook is easy to access – and can be updated easily on any device. The theme is for anyone looking to sell or create eBooks.
  • It's also the perfect optin page – with lead capture technology asking the user to optin to get more information, great with PPC ads & more.
  • Perfect for authors or those with 'lead magnets' – to look like the 'authority' in their niche with eBook content that looks extremely high-end and converts.
  • and much more!


See Mockup

A gorgeous photography/portfolio theme that can be used for other offline businesses!

  • Cuts out all the extra fluff and gives photographers the elements they need to attract more business - This is a theme that benefits people with the highest quality work because the images are all very large and viewable.
  • No 3rd party galleries needed – A key selling point is that all other themes require third party galleries that are hard to setup, hard to update and there is a chance the plugin will break leaving the user to have to start all over
  • A special media widget that lets you add more information about each image in the media gallery. Then, that information is automatically displayed when that image is opened in a post page! Great for adding author name, author URL and a description (or use these fields for product URLs and descriptions or anything else you can think of!)
  • Fully customizable - Color. Headings. Background images. Bullets. Anything you see, you can change. Just move your mouse over an element, click and edit, without any coding!
  • Child theme included. Create new versions of your website without affecting the original theme
  • Translation ready - this theme is i18n integrated which means you can run your website in any language and reach huge untapped audiences around the world!

Lead Display

See Demo

Increase clicks, reduce bounce rate and pre-sell products like crazy, with this Pinterest style layout that's perfect for portfolio websites, local directories, affiliate marketing, ecommerce and more

  • Automatically featured posts your grid homepage is automatically updated with your latest posts, including your featured image, title and snippet for true SEO power!
  • Automatically adds last 3 comments get more social proof and interaction from your posts, along with additional content for seriously supercharged SEO power!
  • Include banners within the grid sell ad space for big bucks, or promote your own offers instead.
  • Show the grid on any page you assign as blog - or disable the grid layout altogether.
  • and far more!

Simple Review Theme

See Demo

Ramp up your affiliate income with a proven review theme that is packed with the same psychological tricks that the super affiliates use to rake in traffic, clicks and cash like crazy...

  • Smooth integration of star ratings. Rate up to 5 categories for each product - and you can use half star ratings, too!
  • Showcase sections and cards that highlight 'Latest Reviews', 'Top Rated Products', 'Our Highest Recommendation' products and so on. Draw attention to your best offers!
  • HOT! Typing feature. All the text in the featured section types itself in and then displays the button. This is a POWERFUL psychological trick used by super affiliates to attract attention every single time!
  • Latest reviews - by simply choosing a category in the customizer, you can choose which reviews will be displayed on the front page in the "Latest Reviews" section...
  • Top Rated Products - also controlled by a column in the customizer, and displayed on the front page using 3 attention grabbing pictures PLUS an advanced text description that automatically bolds the first line to attract even more attention
  • Our Highest Recommendation – a big red block that immediately grabs people's attention once they start scrolling, and sends them straight to your top offers
  • Child theme included. Create new versions of your website without affecting the original theme
  • Translation ready - this theme is i18n integrated which means you can run your website in any language and reach huge untapped audiences around the world!

Tier Shop

See Demo

A deluxe salespage theme that can sell a product that has multiple tiers for a buyer to purchase and funnel them through.

  • It uses foot-in-door selling strategy – where a buyer can buy a cheap beginner level version of the course and eventually work up to being the highest tier which makes the most money.
  • 'Tier' builder on the homepage – The main functionality that sets this theme apart is the tier builder on the homepage. It has three tiers, and allows the user to select which tier they want to promote the most.
  • Market and sell digital or your eCom products The benefits here are that the user can market their product to all different potential buyers all from one page using a tier system.

Cool Splash

See Demo

A gorgeous, yet high-converting theme to showcase your or any client's products and services.

  • Great for 'online' or 'offline' businesses - showcase a single product or business with its features/benefits
  • Strategic CTA buttons to boost conversions prominent calls to actions to and 'learn more' buttons help increase conversions and engagement
  • Carousel or slider option Besides being able to display anything on the home-page via the featured section at the top, there is also a carousel or slider to showcase more information about their product(s)

And 7 Other Unbelievable Themes like:

Brainy Site

Designed to build authority, Brainy site loads super-fast and creates a real sense of credibility. Perfect for authors, info publishers, speakers, coaches and thought-leaders.

Authority Zone

Triple conversions by showcasing authority and social proof easily with this deluxe sales and blog theme.

Chill Slick

A slick, professional theme that's perfect for freelancers, consultants, coaches, speakers, authors or even software companies.

Simple Divine

Perfect for creative types, agencies or anyone who wants their visitors to say WOW. This clean, modern and unique looking website builds serious trust and credibility

Photo Bold

Perfect for anyone who relies on images to sell their stuff, this portfolio style theme packs the power of images to grab attention like nothing else


A modern, hip restaurant theme perfect for offline clients.

Bold Hook

The perfect theme to showcase and sell any product you want... affiliate, eCom, or digital too.

Take a quick 2 minute tour of some of the themes you're getting:

Each theme is built by expert marketers and loaded with everything you need to turn more visitors into subscribers and sales…


We've put years of research and tons of money to uncover the winning formulas of the world's most successful WordPress websites, and packed them into these 16 themes for you! With a 1-click install, you can instantly launch a powerful website that works hard to reduce bounce rate, win subscribers, and make sales straight out the gate.


Forget those 3rd party marketplaces, where theme developers can't keep up with the support tickets and software updates. We have a dedicated team creating our themes, and on standby to offer you the support, if you ever need it. On average, we answer queries within 61 minutes, and 12 people manning the support desk 24-7. No more forum tickets. No more unanswered emails. No more being left in the dark with a broken website.


Unlike most WP marketplaces, we build themes from scratch, with extremely limited licenses, which means your theme won't be used by hundreds of copycats or sold anywhere else at a cheaper price. And although many developers sell child themes (themes that are just variations of an original) for hundreds of dollars, rest assured that these are parent themes that are truly unique. Many of them include a child theme free of charge, too.


Most theme designers always try to 'outdo' each other on features just to get a sale, leaving you with a theme that has thousands of features that your business doesn't need. Our themes are light, fast loading, SEO friendly and built for results, based on proven layouts and features from successful WordPress websites.


Detailed tutorials show you how to set up your WP site exactly how you want, without touching code. The result? Your website will look and run exactly how it's supposed to, from day one.


Every theme in this package is fully mobile optimized, without any additional plugins or coding required.


We build themes that work out of the box, so you don't have to search (and buy) plugins and widgets just to make it work.


Clean code, fast loading, proper use of header tags and all kinds of other "under the hood" technology helps reduce bounce rate, increase conversions and push your website to the top of Google!

Unleash serious marketing power with just 1 click

We've put years of work and thousands of dollars into finding the winning formulas of the world's most successful WordPress websites, and packed them into these 16 themes for you. With a 1-click install, you can launch a powerful website that works hard to reduce bounce rate, win subscribers, and make sales straight out the gate.

No coding required!

You don't need any technical skills to run our themes. Be up and running in seconds with a 1-click install and drag n' drop customization.

Rock solid support

We offer unbeatable support, around the clock, with an average 61-minute response time. And unlike other developers, we update our themes to harness the latest technology, and protect you from emerging security threats.

Already have a website?
Then be honest...

  • Does your website convert like you hoped it would?
  • Does it help pull in traffic & make your campaigns easier to run?
  • Is it easy to manage?
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Then maybe it's time you tried one of our exclusive, 100% unique themes instead! Successful marketers admit...

Testing new variations can uncover huge leaps forward in your conversion rates and SEO rankings.

Question is, what kind of results are you missing out on, without at least testing something new?


You're also getting full agency rights to this entire package of WordPress themes...

That's right, for a limited time we're offering full agency rights to this entire WordPress theme package.

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Every single business needs a Wordpress Theme. And Wordpress already powers over 25% of the internet including the most successful businesses, blogs, and news sites like the New York Times.

Your income potential is practically unlimited

With agency rights, you can:
Sell website design services and setup beautiful sites without ever having to code anything
Sell site improvement services and install the new theme in minutes, while charging hefty service fees!
Help your clients make more money and take a piece of the additional profits!
Build a successful website design agency and use our themes to deliver gorgeous and functional websites to clients

WARNING:This offer is about to expire!

These 16 themes are just a taste of what we're including in our premium WordPress marketplace, which will be launching in 2017.

And the only reason we're selling them separately for this low price is to raise awareness of that marketplace.

So, this is your one and only chance to grab these 16 themes – with agency's rights – before they're put into our premium marketplace where they'll be selling for as much as $100+ each.

Plus, this super low price will increase every few hours, and once this launch is over this offer will never be repeated.

Again, the only way to get access to these themes will be through our premium themes marketplace, where they'll be priced at as much as $100 a pop.

Grab this now, before it's too late!

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Save $100's on web designers, tools widgets or plugins!

Just look at what it could cost to build a high converting, SEO friendly WordPress website the hard way:…

  • Web designer to build a custom theme = $850
  • Premium plugins and widgets to increase SEO and conversions = $70+
  • Landing page and funnel creators = $79 per month

Don't waste $40, $60 or even $150 on generic themes that leave you punching the screen in frustration because they're full of bugs, impossible to edit and don't convert. Are you really going to put your business in the hands of some 3rd party hosted template that's not even 100% editable? We don't, and neither should you.

You're fully protected with our SUPERCHARGED guarantee:

Use any of these 16 premium WordPress themes to triple your conversion rates 30 days or less (or your money back!)

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WP Theme Ultima No Monthly Fee
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WP Theme Ultima No Monthly Fee
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Use coupon: finalchance
30 Day "Love it or Leave it" Guarantee.

P.S – Why waste more time and money wrestling with generic WordPress themes that aren't even guaranteed to convert?

Your Wordpress theme is like the central 'hub' of your business... like a shop or store is for an offline one.

Just one small change to your store can have a dramatic lasting effect to the amount of visitors that pour in and the amount of stuff they buy.

Don't believe me? Just ask Sam Walton, the founder of Walmart.

Remember, we've had 20 million dollars of product sales per year worth of conversion and traffic expertise, and we've developed these themes using this knowledge you can 'piggy back' off of to jumpstart your own business.

And with the Agency Rights all you need is 1 sale to make huge profit!

You know every single business needs a Wordpress theme today to be competitive online. Wordpress already powers 25% of the entire internet. Do you think you can get one little business out there to let you "design" their website using one of our themes, which you can install for them in the next year? Of course you can. Grab this today and finally offer them (and give yourself) a website that is Google friendly, builds lists and rakes in sales like crazy, or your money back!

WP Theme Ultima No Monthly Fee Agency License

No monthly costs or contracts.

30 Day "Love it or Leave it" Guarantee.


Q: Will I get support and tutorials to these themes?

A: Yes! You'll get detailed tutorials on how to set up each theme and 12 months access of updates and support. After 12 months there's an optional renewal for continued support and updates.

Q: Can I sell these as a service to other businesses and keep all the profit?

A: Yes, with the agency license you can package this as part of your marketing services and charge local businesses or other online businesses even to install these on their domains.

Q: I already bought a template builder... do I need this too?

A: If you're serious about marketing and building your business, then yes. The reason you're probably not getting the fast results you hoped for with your template builder is because these softwares can only create 'cookie cutter' pages that everyone uses... thus killing conversions. Plus, in most cases you don't even have full control over the template you create unlike you would with Wordpress theme hosted on your domain and your server with 100% control.

Q: I don't get it. Why so much value for such a little price? What's the real catch?

A: The truth is we're looking for testimonials and social proof for these themes when they are launched in the marketplace for what they are really worth. We're hoping you have so much success with them, you'll leave an amazing review for us in the coming weeks which will really help us out.

WP Theme Ultima No Monthly Fee Agency License

No monthly costs or contracts.

30 Day "Love it or Leave it" Guarantee.